Narnia Birthday Party

My daughter Isabel is turning 11 this summer. She had recently attended a friend's birthday party which had been Harry Potter themed, so she was interested in doing a similar thing. We suggested a "Narnia" party, since she had loved the books of Narnia so much. As her actual birthday is in July when most friends are away on vacation, we planned her party for June 29, right after the last day of school.

Decorating the house

We decided to decorate the house, so as to give it a true Narnian feel.

We bought a used wardrobe and cut a hole in the back, then "walled up" the foyer so that attendees had to enter the house through the wardrobe.

Once you passed through the wardrobe, you entered a Narnian forest, complete with a lamppost.

Our livingroom was decorated in white, to emphasize the land of snow and realm of the White Witch.

Our dining room was decorated as Cair Paravel, the castle where the attendees would celebrate the birthday with a grand feast.


We intermixed watching clips of the movie "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" with various activities.

Party photos

Isabel, the birthday girl, beside the lamppost

Decorating pizza cookies

Sarah with her pizza cookie

Turkish Delight

Throwing water balloons

Archery group with target

Isabel playing Pie Face

Opening the Aslan pinata

The birthday cake

Other Websites

When we were planning our Narnia party, it was natural to go onto the internet and see what others had done. Below is a list of links to other websites of people describing Narnia parties, decor, costumes, activities and more.